‘Battlefield 2042’ players are spotting mysterious underground ducks

Duck for cover

Amidst numerous bugs being discovered in Battlefield 2042, one issue in particular has left players more confused than irritated – the presence of strange ducks beneath one of the maps.

As reported by The Loadout, Battlefield 2042 players have noticed that there are clusters of tightly-knit ducks bobbing their heads beneath the map.

This seems to be an issue specifically on the Breakaway map. The ducks can be spotted through a separate bug with the killcam, which sends the camera flying beneath the ground.


On killcams that happen to soar beneath the map, several players have noticed clusters of bobbing duck heads, all seemingly mashed into one horrifying entity. Several players on the Battlefield Reddit have highlighted the weird occurrence, with one user suggesting that the mass of ducks could be the spawn point for the cuter ones you see above-ground.

You can watch a sighting of the underground ducks below.

While the underground duck masses are admittedly funny (if a little weird), not all of the bugs in Battlefield 2042 have been as well-received.

This week, EA disabled Prox Sensors in an effort to combat widespread lag. While the throwable gadget was only meant to be disabled for two hours, the studio later decided to keep the gadget out of the game “for the time being”.

The company said that Prox Sensors were causing – or at least contributing – to notorious rubber-banding lag in Battlefield 2042, and has found that disabling the gadget “is helping to improve server performance”.


In other news, Xbox head Phil Spencer has called for the games industry to help preserve older video games, and highlighted “legal emulation” as the way to do so. Spencer says that he wants the industry to “work on legal emulation that allowed modern hardware to run any (within reason) older executable”.