‘Battlefield 2042’ removes throwback Rush mode from Portal

Dice aren't rushing to appease fans

DICE has removed the popular rush mode from Battlefield 2042’s Portal featured section, despite fan requests for it to stay.

Rush is a mode in which one team defends two MCOM stations while the other team attempts to plant charges on them. Once a charge is planted, it can be defused if the defending team acts quickly.

The mode was reintroduced to Battlefield 2042 as part of the Portal featured playlists. Portal allows players to create their own custom modes and host servers. However, the only matchmade servers for Portal are the featured playlists curated by Dice. Battlefield 2042 Rush was introduced for a time but has now been removed.


Portal users can still host their own Rush mode lobbies with any settings they choose, but the player count required for the mode will be harder to reach without a matchmaking system.

According to recent reports, Battlefield 2042 was initially supposed to have earthquakes, fire tornados, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions. However, all of this content was cut so that the team could focus on the tornado. Apparently, the effects were included in a presentation a year before the game was released.

Since Battlefield 2042 launched, fans have criticised many of DICE’s decisions. Much of this came when skins were accidentally revealed, showing a Santa outfit for one of the game’s specialists. The contrast in tone between the marketing and the actual gameplay has caused distrust among players.

An example of this is in the latest marketing tweet from DICE, which shows a destroyed helicopter on a beach resort. One fan tweeted a reply saying, “Where is this grittiness in the actual game.”


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