‘Battlefield 2042’ season 2 adding new map and specialist next week

The second season has a new map, specialist, guns and vehicles

EA Dice has detailed what players can expect from the imminent second season of Battlefield 2042, called Master Of Arms.

Starting on August 30 next week, Master Of Arms will include a new map, specialist, hardware and battle pass.

The new map is called Stranded, set in a drained desert lake in Panama that also has a beached container ship players can fight in and around. The new specialist is Charlie Crawford, who has the mounted vulcan stationary minigun and the cache point ability.


The vulcan stationary minigun can be used to lay down some immense firepower that’s even effective against light vehicles and infantry. Meanwhile the cache point ability “supplies revised squad members with extra gadget ammo.”

You can see the map, specialist, weapons and vehicles all in action in the below season two trailer.

Two new weapons are also available, as the AM40 is a cross between an assault rifle and submachine gun, whilst the Avancys is a new LMG and the PF51 is a solid cross between a pistol and submachine gun, for close quarters groups of enemies.

Brand new four seater vehicles are also a part of the new season, as the EBLC-RAM and Polaris RZR (which is coming in season two’s first update) are all about getting around quickly.

Battlefield 2042 is also set to integrate the controversial Specialists into the franchise’s classic class system in season three, reintroducing the Assault, Recon, Support and Engineer roles into the multiplayer shooter.


‘Battlefield 2042’ maps and vehicles are getting big changes
Battlefield 2042. Credit: EA Dice.

This update about specialists also included information on what players can expect over the next few months, as Vault Weapons from Battlefield 3 – the M16A3 assault rifle and M60E4 LMG – will be making their way into the game.

Updated versions of maps Renewal and Orbital will also become available in September and October respectively, with visual and mechanical improvements being introduced.

In other news, Microsoft has confirmed that it currently has no plans to raise the price of its Xbox Series X|S consoles, after Sony abruptly announced a price hike for the PS5.