‘Battlefield 2042’ update 1.0 includes more XP events ahead of season one launch

Season one is expected to start soon

Battlefield 2042 update 1.0 went live today (June 7) and it introduces hundreds of changes, improvements, and bug fixes to the multiplayer shooter.

Version 1.0 features updates that prepare Battlefield 2042 for its first, long-awaited season, including smoother animation and movement for the player, as well as improvements to weapon netcode, a boost to bullet velocity for marksman rifles and light machine guns, and better accuracy for shotguns (via PCGamesN).

The patch notes also indicate that EA Dice has added new ways to earn XP during matches in the form of events, such as killing an enemy who recently wounded or killed a squadmate, or when an enemy vehicle the player recently damaged is destroyed by a teammate and the occupants are killed.


Battlefield 2042
Battlefield 2042. Credit: EA Dice.

Additionally, the number of available in-world vehicles has been increased for Conquest which should make it easier for players to move from one point to another across the map.

Adjustments have also been made to Sundance’s Wingsuit in order to lower overall flight time, while simultaneously making it easier to manoeuvre. To simplify their Specialty, the EMP Field Smart Explosive has been removed as well.

Update 1.0 also features a number of quality of life changes, for example, the developer has reduced the total number of Air Attack vehicles that can be active at any time to one per team. This update applies to both Conquest and Breakthrough and is not active in Battlefield Portal modes, nor on the Classic era or Breakaway maps.

A range of other changes also addresses specialists, gadgets, AI soldiers, vehicles, weapons and attachments and the UI and HUD. The patch notes include all the changes made.

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