‘Battlefield 2042’ update will address revives and the hovercraft

The age of hovercraft is coming to an end

EA DICE has revealed details about Battlefield 2042’s next update, with fixes targeting broken revives and overpowered hovercraft.

The details of the next update to Battlefield 2042 have been shared on Twitter. Key among the changes is an upcoming fix to the revive system, which would sometimes prevent players from being brought back into the fight by medics. The hovercraft and littlebird will also see some tweaks to reduce their power levels.

DICE detailed the changes in a series of tweets, which have been broken down below (via PCGamer):

  • Soldier revives: We’re confident that we’ve identified the cause of the issue that was preventing you from always getting off a revive, particularly when a player is in close proximity to nearby geometry. A fix for this is on the way. Separately we’re closing in on a possible server side fix for players who in rare circumstances find themselves unable to respawn. If that server side fix doesn’t stick, we already have a further solution lined up for our upcoming update.

  • UAV-1 Interaction: We temporarily removed this whilst we could evaluate the best way to keep it balanced, and fun. That work is now complete and we’ll be looking to re-enable this alongside the next update.
  • Missing Loadouts: A rare issue that could sometimes cause a data call to fail on our end now has a fix developed, and is presently in testing. We’re keen to roll this one out to you all and make sure that you don’t have that frustration of needing to reconnect to a server.
  • Vehicle Balancing: The LCAA Hovercraft will be re-equipped with lighter armour, lowering its health, and we’re tuning down some of its weaponry. The MD540 Nightbird will have similar tuning done on it’s weaponry too. We’re keeping a close eye on early balance for future changes.

However, there is no word on fixes for Breakthrough matches that don’t correctly generate capture points or improvements to Assault Rifle bloom as of yet.

In other news, Riot has revealed details of their upcoming 2D fighter Project L which is set in the world of League Of Legends.

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