‘Battlefield 2042’ will have the series first non-binary character

Sundance is one of 10 specialists joining 'Battlefield 2042' next month.

Battlefield 2042‘s Emma “Sundance” Rosier is the first playable, non-binary specialist in the series.

Last week (October 21), EA Dice revealed the final five specialists who will be joining the game’s roster when it launches next month. Among those characters were Navin Rao, Santiago “Dozer” Espinoza, Ji-Soo Paik, Constantin “Angel” Anghel, and Emma “Sundance” Rosier.

Following the reveal of Sundance, there have been questions from the community regarding the character’s gender identity, with one fan on Twitter asking whether or not Sundance is non-binary (thanks, GamingBible).


From their biography on the official EA Dice website, it seems to suggest that the French specialist is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns. The Lead Community Manager at EA, Adam Freeman, also took to Twitter to confirm to fans that the character is in fact non-binary – a first for the Battlefield series.

Sundance, who was born in France, belongs to the assault class and utilises smart explosives as their speciality, from scatter grenades to micro-drones. They also can use a wingsuit, allowing them to traverse huge distances of the map when completing objectives.

Meanwhile, following feedback from the Battlefield 2042 open beta, EA has revealed that it will make the game’s aim assist stronger. The publisher said in a blog post: “We’ve also heard your feedback on Aim Assist strength on controllers. You helped to show us that it was too low, so we’ve worked to improve this experience, making it more familiar to players who played with us in past titles”.

In other news, the latest Apex Legends map is called Storm Point.