‘Battlefield 2042’ will launch without voice chat

Players will need to use external chat software

Battlefield 2042 currently has no plans to launch with an in-game voice chat system, though EA has announced that its implementation will be coming “ASAP”.

According to PC Gamer, there will be no option for in-game voice chat when the first-person shooter releases on November 19. Instead, developer DICE is working on the assumption that players will use external voice chat software such as Discord to co-ordinate their squadrons.

As the Battlefield series relies heavily on its online multiplayer, players will need to speak with each other in their squad in order to co-ordinate their attacks. The latest edition to the series introduces and showcases its new online multiplayer mode, Hazard Mode.


In this new mode players will buy a load out with credits, and in teams of four, hunt down data drives versus other teams. If your team manages to return to the helicopter, you win credits and your loadout is refunded. However, fail and you lose everything.

As you play against other real life players, the ability to discuss your plan of action in this mode will be vital to your teams success. The necessity of this combined with other multiplayer modes will be the reason EA is making voice chat a priority.

Several online games have struggled with voice chat moderation in the past, with huge numbers of players using the system at the same time. Some companies such as Riot Games have decided to record all voice messages in Valorant to deal with moderation reports, where as Rocket League’s developer, Psyonix, decided to only allow preapproved text chat messages.

In other news, streamer Dr Disrespect has switched to using controller over mouse and keyboard while playing Call of Duty: Vanguard, claiming the series has the strongest aim-assist yet.

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