‘Battlefield 2042”s Battlefield Portal’s biggest strength is its extensive “Builder” feature

"Players will have the complete Battlefield toy box at their disposal"

EA has revealed that players will be able to use the Builder feature to customize and create “completely unique Battlefield experiences.”

As part of the Battlefield Portal game mode, players will be able to use the Builder tool to intricately customize their own game modes and servers.

Senior Game Designer Rob Donovan has shared that the Builder mode will be accessible through a web page and will not require a copy of Battlefield 2042.


In a press release, EA stated players will have “the complete Battlefield toy box at their disposal” and will allow for thorough customization within most areas of the Battlefield experience.

This includes the ability to adjust back-end settings and Logic, “an advanced visual scripting tool that manipulates game elements called Logic Blocks.”

The Logic Editor allows users to “define rules, set victory conditions, team scale and specific in-game events.”

Discussing the capabilities of the Logic Editor, Senior Design Director Justine Wiebe stated “I have not hit the limit yet and I’ve been playing with some pretty crazy stuff”, while  Donovan added “you’d probably crash the web page before you crash the game.”

Builder will also enable players to create their own game modes and test it with AI, allowing players to “explore various scenarios created by their custom-built experience.”


The Builder feature gives players the ability to fine-tune a host of other in-game options. This includes restricting which weapons and vehicles can be used, whether a player can aim down sights and how many players can join each team.

Working in hand with the newly-announced Battlefield Portal, players using Builder will be able to pit different factions – such as Specialists from Battlefield 2042 and Germany from Battlefield 1942 – against each other.

When asked about how this would be balanced, Donovan admitted “it’s a real challenge to balance these things”, but in short confirmed that “we’re not” attempting to balance it and would instead leave those choices up to Builders.

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