‘Battlefield 2042’ battle royale mode had to get creative with limited tools

Nothing is quite as it seems

The battle royale mode inside Battlefield 2042’s Portal, Warfield 100, is one of the game’s most popular to date. Yet the developer had to implement some unique workarounds to get the code running.

In an interview with PC Gamer, creator of Warfield 100, Christian Muhler, explained how he “implemented dozens of custom rules to make the mode work.” This includes creating many weird by ingenious methods which could make the most out of Portal’s “pretty limited toolset.”

Portal is a mode inside Battlefield 2042 which allows players to create custom forms of battle to play in using the game’s assets. The mode is mostly for free-for-all or deathmatch style battles, with EA Dice stating that the editor would not be “robust enough” for a battle royale style game.


However, Muhler used all the tools available to create his battle royale mode. For example, he had a unique way of making the ever-shrinking circle which is popular in battle royale games to force players into the same area so they have to engage in combat.

Battlefield 2042 screenshot
Battlefield 2042. Credit: EA DICE

Without the code for this implemented instead he used a series of bots that teleport slightly closer together every two minutes. The bots have lights attached to them which show where the new circle is. Unexpectedly the bots will attack players who get close to them which adds more danger to the ever-encroaching circle of death.

When asked if he was going to implement more features into his game he said his focus was “to make Warfield 100 into a fun and stable experience.” With reviews for the title being generally luke-warm, it is the user-generated content that has shined in this AAA shooter.

In other news, Respawn has announced that its first-ever game Titanfall has been removed from sale effective immediately, while the servers will stay live for the foreseeable future.