‘Battlefield 3’ Reality Mod set to release this week

The mod completely overhauls the mechanics, visuals and shooting of the game

The overhaul Reality Mod for Battlefield 3 is set to release this week, and it aims to “create an immersive gameplay and a more realistic experience.”

Releasing on July 17, this mod for the PC version of Battlefield 3 offers a number of changes and overhauls to the core experience of the 2011 shooter.

The UI, game feel, Frostbite Engine, models, textures and game modes have all been improved in the mod, whilst radio channels, 100 plus player battles, dynamic weather elements and 24-hour day-night cycle have been added as well.


Check out the mod’s trailer below (via Eurogamer).

Looking like a completely fresh experience, the mod has been the labour of love of more than 80 contributors and 7 years of work.

BF3: Reality Mod is a BF3 modification that focuses on communication and teamwork. It draws inspiration from the successful BF2 “Project Reality” mod. It offers a complete gameplay and UI overhaul that creates a more tactical and meaningful experience,” reads the video description.

Reality Mod is built using the VU modding framework, a modification of BF3 that as well as modding offers private server hosting, higher tickrate, built-in server browser and much more.”

To play the mod, you’ll need a working legit copy of Battlefield 3, alongside all of its downloadable content. The game works with both the Steam and Origin versions of the game as well.


You can learn more about the realism mod by visiting the website here. There are plenty of roadmap features outlined on the website too, like advanced vehicle physics, better role allocation, the new medical system and custom visual effects.

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