Two new ‘Battlefield 6’ images have reportedly leaked

The images were possibly taken from an upcoming trailer for the game

Two new screenshots from the next Battlefield game have reportedly been leaked.

The two images made their way onto social media over the weekend, with popular Battlefield reporter Tom Henderson seemingly confirming their authenticity. The picture seem to suggest a  return to a modern setting; one features a missile being readied for launch with a tornado nearby, while the other shows several helicopters flying over a beach.


Henderson later suggested that the images were likely screenshots from a possible upcoming trailer for Battlefield. “The screen grabs were likely captured via zoom or something like that – Which explains the low quality,” he wrote.

The two images also portray scenes similar to two sketches Henderson posted in mid-April, although he noted that he is “not sure why the leaker has decided to capture the same shots”.


In April, developer DICE’s general manager Oskar Gabrielson said in a blog post that the new Battlefield game is being developed by the “biggest Battlefield development team ever” and promised “a jaw-dropping experience”.


“Epic scale. All-out military warfare. Crazy, unexpected moments. Game-changing destruction,” he teased. “Massive battles, packed with more players and mayhem than ever before. All brought to life with the power of next-gen consoles and PCs”.

In March, EA announced that it would be delaying the next Need For Speed title in favour of more development support on the upcoming Battlefield title. A release date for the upcoming Battlefield game has yet to be announced but is scheduled to launch sometime this year, EA CEO Andrew Wilson said in February.

In other related news, Battlefield V will be available for free from May 4 for a month as part of Sony’s free PlayStation Plus offerings. The game’s availability will include access to it’s single-player campaign as well as online multiplayer modes.

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