‘Bayonetta 3’ finally gets gameplay trailer and 2022 release

The witch is back

Nintendo has finally shown new footage of Bayonetta 3, nearly four years since the game was first announced.

Appearing at the end of the Nintendo Direct presentation last night (September 23), it’s the first time that actual gameplay has been shown for the highly anticipated sequel to PlatinumGames‘ critically acclaimed action series.

The reveal begins showing a war-torn scene of a ruined Tokyo in downtown Shibuya and it’s not until about 90 seconds into the clip before Bayonetta herself emerges. She’s sporting a brand new hairstyle, and what sounds like a new voice, after the original voice actress, Hellena Taylor, suggested she would not be returning for the role.


Besides battling foes with her signature Witch Time ability, where dodging attacks at the last second slows down time, the clip also shows Bayonetta’s new Demon Masquerade ability, which appears to allow her to summon and directly control large demons to fight alongside her.

The clip contains a few other nods to PlatinumGames, including a panicking Shiba Inu, which recalls the teaser for the studio’s upcoming game Project G.G., as well as Lappy, the police dog mascot from Nintendo Switch-exclusive Astral Chain.

Furthermore, the end of the Bayonetta 3 trailer confirms that Yusuke Miyata, a game designer from Astral Chain, is serving as the game director. While Bayonetta creator Hideki Kamiya is executive director.

Following the trailer’s reveal, Kamiya also took to Twitter thanking fans in English, while adding, “I won’t block no-Japanese-tweets today cuz I’m in a good mood.”


The trailer also confirmed that Bayonetta 3 will release in 2022, while teasing the shadowy figure of presumably a new character, who could either be friend or foe.

In a message from the studio’s website, Miyata wrote “this is my first time working on the Bayonetta series, but just like all of you, I’m a big fan and played the previous games nonstop.”

“We’re in the home stretch of development right now, working on making the core of the game even more fun and test playing nonstop. As the culmination of this series loved by all of you, we’re giving our all to make it a masterpiece worth of the name Bayonetta so please wait and anticipate just a bit longer!”

Also revealed during the Nintendo Direct was the surprise cast for the upcoming Super Mario Bros animated movie, including Chris Pratt playing the voice of Mario and Anya Taylor Joy as Peach.

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