‘Bayonetta 3’ is being directed by ‘Scalebound”s lead designer

And may use a similar mechanic to Scalebound too

A tweet from a senior producer at Harmonix, Jean Pierre Kellams, has revealed that Bayonetta 3 is being directed by the former lead designer of cancelled Xbox exclusive, Scalebound.

The tweet from Kellams explains that “Yusuke Miyata was the lead designer on Scalebound” and that Kellams “can’t wait to play Bayo 3 primarily because he is directing it”.


Scalebound was meant to be the latest character action game from Bayonetta creator Hideki Kamiya and was announced at Microsoft’s E3 2014 media showcase. It was then cancelled in 2017.

However, it sounds like Bayonetta 3 could feature a mechanic similar to the ill-fated game with Kellams stating that the ability to directly control demons as shown in Bayonetta 3‘s trailer is a lot like something that would have been in Scalebound.

Last year, Xbox head Phil Spencer, quashed rumours that Scalebound was being revived stating that it was “something we’ve all moved past”.

Instead, fans may wish to look towards Bayonetta 3 which finally got a new gameplay trailer at the Nintendo Direct presentation last week. It featured a few nods to PlatinumGames including a panicking Shiba Inu, which recalls the teaser for the studio’s upcoming game, Project G.G.

Bayonetta 3 will be released in 2022 with a more concrete date not yet confirmed.


In other news, Spider-Man will have his own story in Marvel’s Avengers, and it looks likely that Mortal Kombat X will feature in October’s PlayStation Plus line-up.

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