Bethesda and ‘Wolfenstein’ devs are working on an ‘Indiana Jones’ game

The game will feature “an original story”

Bethesda has announced it is working on an Indiana Jones game.

The news broke on the publisher’s social media channels today (January 12), which confirmed an Indiana Jones game is in the works and is being developed behind MachineGames, the team behind the Wolfenstein reboot series.

While the trailer reveals very little, brief glimpses of several iconic Indiana Jones props can be seen, including the character’s signature whip. A ticket for Rome also appears in one segment with the date October 21, 1937, suggesting the events of the game take place after Indiana Jones: Raiders Of The Lost Ark.


In an additional statement, Bethesda revealed that the game will feature an original story “and will be executive produced by Todd Howard”. It later added it will “be some time” before more news is revealed, but is very excited to make the announcement.

Check out the announcement trailer below:

It’s unclear what systems the upcoming Indiana Jones title will be available on, however, following Microsoft’s acquisition of ZeniMax Media, which includes both Bethesda and MachineGames, it could signal an upcoming Xbox exclusive to rival Sony’s Uncharted series.

It’s also recently been said that Arkane Studios, another ZeniMax Media property, is working on a new title with the co-creator of Dishonored. It was confirmed the title is not Deathloop and something new entirely.


Bethesda also recently teased a cryptic hint at the future for Elder Scrolls with a recent tweet, which asked fans to “transcribe the past and map the future”.

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