Black Adam has arrived in ‘MultiVersus’ alongside a new arcade mode

Black Adam is the game's 22nd character, and the 5th to join the roster since the start of season one

Black Adam is about to join the MultiVersus roster, making him the 22nd character in the crossover fighting game.

The news comes from the game’s 1.05 patch notes, ahead of the update’s rollout later today (October 31).

Black Adam was first revealed to be coming to MultiVersus back in August, making him the fifth character to be added to the game since its first season began on August 15. As well as Black Adam, Rick and Morty’s Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith and Gremlins characters Gizmo and Stripe have been added to the MultiVersus roster.


The update not only adds Black Adam to the game, but also brings a new arcade mode – which has three different difficulty modes and can be played in 1v1 or 2v2 modes.

Completing a run on each of the difficulty settings will earn the play a bronze, silver or gold star, depending on which difficulty mode was chosen. Players who attempt this new mode on Medium or Hard difficulty will face three challenging Boss Fights, one of whom will be their Nemesis Rival.

Developer Player First Games has stated that they have more features for the Arcade Mode planned for the near future.

The update also introduces the ‘Silly Queue,’ which according to Player First Games is the new “home for new casual game modes going forward.” The Silly Queue features multiple game modifiers, with three available when the update rolls out today. Perhaps the most important of these modifiers is called Growth Spurt, which sees fighters growing ever-larger as they deal damage.

The full patch notes for the 1.05 update are available here.


Speculation is already underway about future additions to the MultiVersus roster. Thanks to a new datamine, fans suspect that The Joker, as voiced by Mark Hamill, is set to join the game in the future.

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