‘Black Myth: Wukong’ shares a parody trailer filled with glitches and cats

"We set up a premise: put cats inside, let them loose"

The latest trailer for Black Myth: Wukong has shared a light-hearted parody of the game’s development with fans, via a comedic trailer filled with bizarre in-game glitches and lots of cats with jobs.

In a parody trailer called ‘Black Myth Wukong – an alternate reality of Game Science (New Year greetings)’, developer Game Science shares a look at the “alternate” process of making a game “for small teams like us”.

While the trailer is nearly 13 minutes, it’s not all gameplay – in fact, much of the video seems to be a parody of Black Myth: Wukong‘s development.


Paired with dramatic music, the alternate reality trailer shows Game Science bringing in plenty of cute cats to use for motion capturing – though also shares why they came with their own challenges.

“Cats, big or small, are perfect predators. I don’t think they have any natural enemy,” said one animation specialist at Game Science. “They are very, very unpredictable. Cats are the perfect source of motion data for us. They say you don’t adopt a cat, cats adopt you. Cats are never really domesticated – if you want to put them in a studio and do routines you give them, sorry: it just won’t happen.”

The trailer then shows all of Game Science’s feline staff members rolling around in motion capturing equipment, but this was all according to the studio’s plan: “We set up a premise: put cats inside, let them loose.”

Unfortunately this doesn’t go to plan, and the in-game result is a katana-wielding tiger that teleports and glitches across the map. Although there are some in-game shots of Black Myth: Wukong, most of the trailer is purely meant to entertain. That being said, it does end with a short poem asking fans to continue waiting for the game.

“You came in hoping to see the game. We are working hard on the same. Alas, a bit more patience, if you will. Well worth the wait, is the thrill.”


Back in 2021, Game Science shared a real trailer for the game that showed Sun Wukong tackling two bosses in the game.

In other news, Blizzard has unbanned a 70-year-old man from World Of Warcraft, after mistaking him for a bot and banning him for six months.

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