Blizzard confirms ‘World Of Warcraft’ expansion reveal next week

"The time is at hand to get a sneak peek at what’s next for the heroes of Azeroth"

Blizzard has confirmed that the next expansion for World Of Warcraft will be officially revealed next week (April 19).

The video presentation will start at 5pm BST/6pm CEST/9am PT/12pm ET and be viewable on both YouTube and Twitch.

In a statement announcing the reveal, Blizzard wrote: “World of Warcraft has ignited imaginations through rich storytelling and expansive worlds that prevail throughout the Shadowlands expansion.”


“From the hopeless depths of the Maw to the ethereal plains of Zereth Mortis, the Shadowlands delivers a world that challenges heroes to confront the forces that threaten to upset the cosmic balance between life and death. With the story in the Shadowlands coming to a conclusion, the time is at hand to get a sneak peek at what’s next for the heroes of Azeroth.”

The expansion was initially confirmed last month while earlier in April, a public source code update on the official World Of Warcraft website suggested that the expansion will be called “Dragonflight” with Base, Heroic, and Epic Expansion pre-pruchases seemingly set to become available following next week’s reveal.

Earlier this month, a Twitch streamer who made a name for himself with his World Of Warcraft streams, shared his doubts about the longevity of this latest expansion.

“Like, every new World of Warcraft expansion is fun for at least a month,” said Asmongold before confirming he would be coming back to play the expansion. “For at least a month, I have quality content in World Of Warcraft that I can enjoy. So yeah, I’m going to do the same thing and I’m gonna get my money’s worth and it’s gonna be fine. And, if afterwards the game is boring or they have bad systems, I’m just gonna move on and play something else instead.”


In other news, Activision Blizzard have confirmed the hire of a new chief diversity, equity and inclusion officer amidst ongoing accusations of sexual harassment, discrimination, and workplace misconduct

Kristen Hines will be working to “implement programs and policies that foster a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace environment” and will have a key role in Activision Blizzard’s five-year push to increase the number of women and non-binary people in its workforce by 50 per cent.


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