‘Blood Bowl 3’ closed beta will take place this week

Registrations are open now

Warhammer’s upcoming American football-themed spinoff title Blood Bowl 3 will have its first closed beta this week.

The beta will run from June 3 – 13 and registrations are open now on Nacon’s official website.

Blood Bowl is a Warhammer spinoff series that mixes fantasy settings and characters with American football. Players move humans, orcs, elves and other fantasy characters around an arena through turn-based gameplay.


Publisher Nacon unveiled new gameplay yesterday (June 1), in a spotlight video highlighting the new Imperial Nobility team.

The roster will include 12 teams on release, all of which have their own cheerleaders and stadiums. Blood Bowl 3 will also have single and multiplayer modes.

Blood Bowl 3 will release on PC and console in February 2022. PC players can get involved ahead of the official release date when Blood Bowl 3 enters early access this September.

According to a screen capture of Cyanide Studios’ Twitch Chat, the team is planning to implement crossplay along with Twitch integration.

“Crossplay is an objective, we can’t confirm it yet. We need Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo to play Happy Tree Friends.”


Blood Bowl was originally designed as a board game in the late 1980s by Jervis Johnson. Developers Cyanide built a game around the concept and released Blood Bowl in 2012, along with the sequel Blood Bowl 2 in 2015.

Blood Bowl 3 will incorporate the latest board game changes. Changes include how passing ability and agility is calculated, alterations to pregame factors, a complete rework of the levelling system, and a big overhaul to injuries and casualties.

Elsewhere, German developer Crytek has revealed that the Crysis trilogy will receive a remastered collection later this year.

After a remaster of Crysis 2 was teased a couple of weeks back by the studio, a remastered trilogy has now been confirmed, bringing together the three core Crysis titles.

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