Blue Box Game Studios reports physical death threats over ‘Abandoned’

The studio is taking action against increasing death threats

Abandoned developers Blue Box Game Studios has shared that death threats against employees have been increasing “online but unfortunately also physically”.

Blue Box Game Studios shared a message on Twitter this morning (October 17) “not addressed as a company, but as a group of human beings”.

The statement reveals “the last few days have been difficult” and blames an increase of death threats, both online and physical.


“We have been dealing with death threats the past few months and the last few days we have been dealing with it again, especially physically. This not only affects us as a team, but everyone within our environments. Other businesses, families and everyone surrounding us.”

“We want to work in a safe environment, and with job openings upcoming in the future, we want to offer a safe work environment for future colleagues as well”, the statement reads.

The Twitter post adds that Blue Box Game Studios “won’t tolerate this” and “will take action by providing [to] authorities IP addresses, logs and camera footage”.

Referring to Abandonedwhich a conspiracy theory said was secretly a Hideo Kojima project –  Blue Box Game Studios added “we are fully aware of the negative situation that we have created” and reiterated that the team is “working hard on Abandoned“.

The statement ends by sharing that “we will start a regular blog on our website that you can follow and we will post any news on Abandoned on our Twitter. But all we ask until then, is just to give us space and let us work on Abandoned“.


In other news, Activision has said that the upcoming Call Of Duty anti-cheat software Ricochet is “all good”, suggesting that recent “leaks” of the software were actually controlled.

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