Blumhouse, producers of ‘M3GAN’ and ‘The Purge’, moves into gaming industry

"We’re in a great position to try and access it"

Blumhouse, the production company behind horrors such M3GAN, Get Out, The Purge and Insidious, is moving into the gaming business.

Led by producer Jason Blum, the company is planning to develop immersive horror games that will be playable on PC, consoles and mobile.

“We’re in the scary story business. We do films, we do TV and there is this massive, growing segment in media and entertainment called gaming,” Blumhouse president Abhijay Prakash told Bloomberg. “The space is hundreds of billions of dollars; we’re in a great position to try and access it.”


As with the film side of the production company, Blumhouse Games will develop its titles with a modest budget, spending no more $10million (£8.6million) on each project.

Instead of adapting their own movies into games, the company will be looking for projects that are currently in development, offering financial support and creative insight, as well as attaching the Blumhouse name to those titles.

Game producer Zach Wood, who recently worked on Prey: Mooncrash and Redfall, will run the creative side of Blumhouse Games. The operational and financial aspects of the company will be overseen by Don Sechler, a former PlayStation executive who worked closely with indie studios.

In other gaming news, spoilers from The Legend of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom have begun to surface online ahead of the game’s official release on May 12, 2023.

Details around the anticipated sequel to Breath Of The Wild – which launched with the Nintendo Switch back in 2017 – still remain largely under wraps, though trailers have offered a sense of what to expect.


A trailer released earlier this month revealed fresh gameplay footage that shows off Link’s enhanced Rune skills.

It also confirmed return of Zelda enemy ReDead, the shrieking zombies that paralyse and bite Link if he gets too close.

However, according to IGN, spoilers have been posted online after people have gotten ahold of the art book that comes in the collector’s edition.

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