Boba Fett is about to join ‘Fortnite’ for Christmas

Here's when Boba Fett will land in Fortnite

Fortnite is adding Boba Fett to the battle royale, and the bounty hunter is set to arrive just in time for Christmas.

Epic Games has announced that Boba Fett will be coming to Fortnite on December 24 at 7pm ET, however due to timezone differences this means that in GMT, he’ll be launching at midnight on December 25.

This means that Fortnite fans will be able to spend the festive season fighting as everyone’s favourite bounty hunter from the Star Wars series, if they so wish.


Since the launch of Fortnite Chapter 3 earlier in the month, players have not been short of crossovers with Disney and more.

As part of the ongoing Winterfest 2021 event, players can pick up skins for Spider-Man and MJ from Marvel’s latest film, No Way Home. Spider-Man’s skin allows fans to take off the mask and play as Tom Holland, while Zendaya’s lets players use a more casual skin while fighting for survival in the battle royale.

Epic Games has also added several Super Level Styles in patch 19.01 for anyone who has managed to achieve level 100 with the battle pass already. This includes more skins for Spider-Man, as well as alternate cosmetics for characters Shanta, Ronin, Lt. John Llama, and Harlowe. The rest of patch 19.01 was fairly quiet however, and mostly revolved around addressing some bugs and making some small balance changes.

Finally, anyone looking to celebrate the festive season is in luck, as Fortnite has added three cosy new winter skins for players to pick up.


In other news, Ubisoft has doubled down on its ongoing NFT controversy. After receiving hefty backlash for announcing its entry into NFTs, the studio has since argued that it is “a major change that will take time” and seemingly have no plans to halt Ubisoft Quartz.

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