‘Bomb Rush Cyberfunk’ has been delayed to 2023

The spiritual successor to 'Jet Set Radio' is coming next summer

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, a spiritual successor to Sega‘s Jet Set Radio, has been delayed to summer 2023.

The delay was announced by developer Team Reptile yesterday (August 31), with a Twitter statement outlining why the game has been delayed.

“We are convinced that releasing the game this year will not take it to a level where we would be personally satisfied with,” shared Team Reptile. “To create a fulfilling and unique game we are extending the development of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk to summer 2023.”


In better news, the studio added that it will be “dumping a lot more visuals this week to show how it is shaping up.” You can watch a new clip of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk‘s boostpack in action below:

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk was originally planned to launch in 2022, for PC and Nintendo Switch. As detailed on the game’s Steam page, players will be able to “Start your own cypher and dance, paint, trick, face off with the cops and stake your claim to the extrusions and cavities of a sprawling metropolis in an alternate future.”

The game’s first trailer dropped in February 2021, and in 2022 Team Reptile shared a track from Bomb Rush Cyberfunk‘s soundtrack, which has been created by Jet Set Radio composer Hideki Naganuma.

In March, Naganuma opened up on his future with Sega, who published Jet Set Radio in 2000. “I don’t think Sega would hire me again,” shared Naganuma. “They didn’t appreciate my music that much. The proof is that when I said I was leaving Sega, no one stopped me.”

Naganuma went on to say that he doesn’t “miss the old Sega. Today’s Sega is far from the old Sega.”


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