Bossa Studios has made ‘Surgeon Simulator 2’ free for NHS staff

A 24 hour in-game speed-running event will also take place later this month

In an act of solidarity, Bossa Studios has made Surgeon Simulator 2 available for free to all NHS workers.

The initiative will allow all NSH staff members download the game for free between October 1-22. Doctors, nurses, surgeons and any NHS employee will require an active NHS email in order to register. Those applicable can do so here.

In a press release, Bossa Studios’ CEO Henrique Olifiers spoke about the decision to launch the initiative. “At Bossa, we’ve always envisioned Surgeon Simulator 2 as a valuable training tool for NHS workers to hone their healthcare skills,” Olifiers joked. “The Surgeon Simulator 2 community is frankly rubbish at saving Bob, so we think our players need to be shown how it’s really done.”


Read the full announcement below:

Additionally, the company is also supporting the North Lincolnshire NHS Trust with its Surgeon Simulator 2 speed-running event on October 15. The fundraiser will run for 24 hours real doctors attempting to complete a heart transplant the fastest in-game, in an effort to raise money for improved MRI facilities.

A stream will be taking place across the 24 hours and will also feature gameplay from Two Point Hospital. The stream can be watched here.

This is not the only time Bossa Studios has gifted back to the community. The developer is currently hosting a monthly competition to see which players can build the best in-game lab. Up to five creators can win a sum of US$1000 per month.


Surgeon Simulator 2 is out now on PC via the Epic Games Store and features a new story-driven narrative, creation modes, and online multiplayer.