‘Bugsnax’ gains free expansion pack – ‘Isle of Bigsnax’ – coming 2022

New bugsnax to grab and so much more

Bugsnax is getting its first expansion in the form of Isle of Bigsnax, according to an announcement at Sony‘s State of Play event last night.

Isle of Bigsnax adds a new biome along with plenty of new bugsnax to capture and feed to grumpuses. As the name of the expansion pack suggests, the bugsnax in question are supersized in nature so that also means that players get a new shrinking gun to reduce them.

The expansion pack is set for release in early 2022 and will include a dozen new bugsnax, over 100 new challenges, 30 quests, and nearly 200 decorations to customise your hut with. You will also be able to put hats on your bugsnax too.


Best of all? The expansion pack is completely free for all Bugsnax owners. A launch title for the PlayStation 5, Bugsnax received generally favourable reviews on Metacritic with praise for good character development and worldbuilding. Its inclusion of same-sex couples was also applauded with the game being nominated for for a GLAAD Media Award.

Bugsnax developer Young Horses recently announced that it is moving to a four-day working week explaining that “if we’re all happier to be at work because we’re well-rested, I think we’re going to be better off in the long run.”

Death’s Door was also announced at Sony’s State of Play. Arriving this November, the critically acclaimed action adventure game has you playing a crow with the job of being Death.

Elsewhere, a year-long roadmap has been mapped out for Aliens: Fireteam Elite with plenty of new content on the horizon. Season 2 is set to add a new game mode, four new weapons, over ten new attachments and an unannounced feature; while season 3 will deliver even more.