Epic Games has brought building back to ‘Fortnite’

Zero Build will also remain a permanent game mode

Fortnite recently made a radical change to its formula by removing building from the Battle Royale, and now it’s back.

Two weeks ago, Fortnite turned off building in its regular modes. A staple of the Battle Royale, building allowed players to compete with each other to gain advantageous positions. Without this, movement and gunplay were more of the focus.

However, those jumping into regular matches of Fortnite will now find that building has returned. With the Fortnite Twitter account saying: “Building is back – play your way! Sprint, climb and smash your way to a Victory Royale whether you choose to build up in Fortnite Battle Royale or go no-builds in the new Fortnite Zero Build.”


The Zero Build mode was announced as a permanent addition last week and would allow players to jump into matches without building if they prefer that gameplay style. To compensate for the lack of pop up cover, Zero Build provides players with a recharging overshield that allows players to take damage without losing any of their health or shields.

Players were also given a sprint ability to assist with the large open spaces. The limited use ability allows players to escape danger now that they cannot place down protective structures anywhere they need them.

Fortnite has frequently been at the centre of lawsuits regarding its use of iconic dance moves. Most recently, Kyle Hanagami, a choreographer, has filed against Epic Games after moves from their trademarked routine were used in the “it’s complicated” emote.

The footage shared by Hanagami is available on YouTube, and the emote appears to have been mapped perfectly to the dance performed. The suit seeks to prevent the dance from being used in Fortnite and to claim legal fees and compensation.


In other news, a sequel to Rivals Of Aether has been announced, which will use 3D models and environments.

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