Bungie is hiring a ‘Destiny’ historian to help “catalog the universe”

Be the new speaker (kind of)

Bungie recently announced that it is looking to hire a Destiny historian to help keep track of the game’s expansive lore.

The post requires an individual with a deep understanding of Destiny to help coordinate narrative direction. The historian will ensure consistency and continuity by creating story bibles for Destiny.

Bungie summarised the role in the job posting: “As a Historian, you’ll facilitate the creative process with an encyclopedic knowledge of the IP and develop references leveraged by all Destiny storytellers in conjunction with the creative leadership team.”


The concept of a ‘lore keeper’ isn’t a new one. Lucasfilm, Blizzard and Respawn all employ individuals tasked with tracking the lore and maintaining narrative consistency.

Destiny 2
Destiny 2 Festival Of The Lost. Credit: Bungie

Bungie isn’t just looking for someone who knows the Destiny universe well. The job description also indicates that the right individual will need experience in editing and producing books, and the ability to edit prose and cinematic script formats.

Destiny originally launched in 2014, and the developer has evolved the story and world across two games since then. Seven years later, there’s a lot to keep track of in the world with several major story expansions and numerous narrative threads happening at one time.

Fans have criticised Bungie in the past for not doing enough with Destiny’s story, often leaving numerous narrative threads unfinished.

The developer has improved its storytelling efforts in recent seasons. The ongoing story is tied to seasonal activities and weekly expunge missions which progress the story.


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