Bungie removes overpowered dancing shoes from ‘Destiny 2’ PVP

Hunters will have to keep their moves to PVE only

Bungie has removed the Radiant Dance Machines from Destiny 2 PVP, which allowed hunters to dodge far too frequently.

The Destiny 2 Radiant Dance Machines exotic boots have been removed from the Crucible PVP modes. The hunter-exclusive item allowed players to use their dodge ability more frequently when they are near enemies. This power in itself would be annoying but not game-breaking, however several mods synergise with the hunter dodge that vastly increases its potency. The power level gained from these combos caused the developers to prevent the items use in PVP, with Bungie Help tweeting the change.


One mod, Dynamo, provides super energy whenever a hunter uses their dodge. This allowed hunters to charge their supers very quickly. Supers are important in Destiny PVP, and having one charged will change how enemies attempt to engage. However, a hunter with Dynamo and Radiant Dance Machines can be far more liberal with their super.

Another mod that synergises with the hunter dodge is Distribution. This caused the cooldown of grenades and melee abilities to be reduced when a dodge is used near an enemy. Since this is where Radiant Dance Machines come into effect, hunters could power up grenades and throw knives as fast as they could use them.

The exotic is disabled in all PVP activities within Destiny 2, including Gambit. However, the boots are still usable in PVE activities, so expect to see hunters continuing to dodge around aliens across the system.

Bungie has warned players that the recent addition of BattlEye anti-cheat technology to Destiny 2 may cause performance issues. The software was added to improve anti-cheat security and improve the quality of Destiny’s PVP modes. The software may cause problems with performance, most notably when the game launches, as it may increase start up time. Overall, gameplay should be mostly unaffected outside of a slight frame rate reduction.

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