Bungie teases the death of yet another ‘Destiny 2’ character

A very literal spoiler alert

With the addition of a legendary weapon that appeared in August – and cryptic comments from Bungie staff – it seems like another Destiny 2 character is set to die.

The first hint appeared in August when the Spoiler Alert sidearm was added back to Destiny 2. As noted by GamesRadar, the last time this gun appeared with the same Power levels was just before the Forsaken expansion, which killed Ace of Spades owner Cayde-6.

The description of the gun ominously states “someone is going to die”, though the meaning could be twofold. While it could simply be referencing the literal effect of shooting someone with the gun, fans have recently been trying to work out if the description bears a more sinister warning.


Senior narrative designer Nikko Stevens has alluded to the latter theory being correct. Speaking to GamesRadar, Stevens said, “it’s not a coincidence. That’s all I’ll say”.

Similarly, senior narrative lead Julia Nardin declined to comment entirely on the significance of Spoiler Alert.

All of the circumstantial evidence – including the fact that Bungie has gravitated toward killing off major characters at pivotal plot points – suggest that not all characters will be safe when The Witch Queen expansion releases.

The Witch Queen expansion for Destiny 2 is set to release on February 22, 2022. Upon launch, players will be able to get their hands on a new melee weapon, extra craftable weapons and a new ‘Legendary’ difficulty to contend with.


In other news, Christopher Judge – the voice actor for Kratos in God Of War – has revealed that God Of War: Ragnarok was delayed due to an illness he faced in 2019. Judge added that he received “nothing but love and support” from Sony Santa Monica.