Bungie’s political opinions won’t be “muzzled” following Sony acquisition

Bungie has recently been outspoken about the ongoing abortion rights issue in the US

Bungie CEO Pete Parsons has affirmed tweets made by the studio’s senior community manager, stating that Bungie will continue to be politically outspoken after being acquired by Sony.

Senior community manager Dylan Gafner tweeted yesterday (May 17): “I admit, I’m just a CM in the grand scheme, but I’m confident in the following: We are, and will continue to be, Bungie. There will never be a “muzzle” big enough to stop us from standing up for what’s right” (via PC Gamer).

Parsons replied with a simple “Yes.”


The Destiny 2 developer has a reputation for getting involved in political issues on social media, most recently in its support for Roe v. Wade. Twitter commentators demanding that Bungie “stick to making games” are often firmly rebuffed by its social media team as well.

This is in stark contrast to Sony, who has been under fire for attempting to avoid taking sides in the debate. A leaked internal email from president Jim Ryan urged staff to “respect differences of opinion” before spending several paragraphs discussing his cat’s birthday.

Gafner continued in his tweets: “It’ll need to be proven over time, but we continue to strengthen our pillars and culture year over year. There’s so much more work to be done, but I feel we’re on the right track with the talent we have and the passion they bring (not just making games, but improving the industry).”

This is far from the first time Bungie has weighed on political matters, having previously spoken in support of Black Lives Matter and trans rights, while decrying Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The developer hasn’t been without it’s own controversies however, with HR head Gayle d’Hondt departing after reports of toxic workplace culture surfaced.


In other news, Take-Two has addressed Red Dead Online players who feel abandoned.

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