‘Call of Duty’ acknowledges ‘Vanguard’ leaks by releasing their own

Looks like we’ll have more details about the much discussed ‘Call of Duty 2021’ soon

Call of Duty has acknowledged the wealth of leaks, data mines and rumours currently doing the rounds online about their upcoming game, known as ‘Vanguard’.

In a post yesterday (August 12), the official Call of Duty Twitter shared a short clip, poking fun at the number of rumours and leaks currently circulating online about the series.


Developers Sledgehammer Games also got in on the action, sharing a meme that suggests there’s nothing they can do to stop the incoming wave of leaks.

But it looks like Call of Duty is fighting fire with fire. British Youtuber MarleyThirteen shared a brief 5-second clip of what looks to be a Call of Duty game alongside a similar “incoming” message that the CoD Twitter had used the day before.

Fellow UK streamer MrDalekJD shared the same video, saying it came with the message “Western Front” from the Call of Duty team.

The Western Front is where the fighting between Denmark, Norway, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Germany occurred during World War Two.

The clip might only be 5-seconds long, but players have been dissecting it and have already discovered a series of hints about the upcoming Call of Duty game. One user has spotted a signpost for ‘Merville’, possibly related to The Battle of Merville, which took place during D-Day in 1944.


Some players also spotted a name badge for ‘Sgt Kingsley’ while others have noticed a badge that resembles Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Taskforce 141 but appears to say Task Force Vanguard instead.

While the release date or title has yet to be confirmed, Activision has previously said the game will launch in Q4 of 2021, sometime between October and December. Here’s everything else we do know so far.

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