‘Call Of Duty’ bans 48,000 ‘Warzone’ and ‘Vanguard’ accounts in one day

Players who cheat may see their punishment carry over to “past, present, and future titles in the franchise”

Call Of Duty’s official Twitter announced yesterday (December 22) that it permanently banned 48,000 accounts from Call Of Duty: Vanguard and Call Of Duty: Warzone for cheating in one day alone.

In an attempt to tackle bots and other hackers in Call Of Duty’s latest games, large numbers of accounts are receiving bans since the launch of Ricochet. The tweet has a number of different responses, some praising the decision while others think changes should be implemented to prevent hackers instead of banning accounts after the fact.

A number of players have replied in the thread they have been permanently banned for exploiting a glitch which allowed players to equip any camo in the game without meeting the requirements. Players felt that this is unfair as they did not hack the game, whereas others who played the game without glitching feel it is justified.


These players have the right to be concerned about their permanent bans. Activision recently announced that permanent bans may carry over across all Call Of Duty titles. The company, which has received numerous allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct, warned that players who cheat may see their punishment carry over to “past, present, and future titles in the franchise”.

Vanguard has seemingly met with disappointing sales since launching in November. In a recent survey just 21 per cent of long-time Call Of Duty fans picked up the latest game. 55 per cent of players said they were “too busy” playing other games, with service like Xbox Game Pass offering “free” games. 14 per cent said they were satisfied playing the free-to-play entry Warzone.

In other news, one Call Of Duty: Warzone player won a recent match by remaining in his fighter plane for almost the entirety of the match. He descended only when it was time to take out the last player with his shield.

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