‘Call of Duty’ is bringing Shipment to ‘Modern Warfare 2’ with a major tweak

The chaotic level is coming to 'Modern Warfare 2'

Call Of Duty is set to bring the iconic Shipment map to Modern Warfare 2 as part of a new update.

Launching today (December 14), the returning level will be available through the Season One Reloaded update and will have a “festive” look from December 21 to January 4.

Shipment has become something of a fan favourite map after it first appeared in 2007’s Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. It most recently appeared in 2021’s Call Of Duty: Vanguard, but the version available in Modern Warfare 2 will have one significant change to previous editions.


The classic Shipment map allowed players to climb the various shipping containers dotted around the level, giving them a high-ground advantage. According to a blog from developers though, “Shipment veterans will notice a key difference compared to the Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare iteration of the map: there’s no climbing up into a higher container from this point; in this Shipment, the battle remains on the ground floor.”

A previous blog post said: “Set on a cargo ship taking on water in a storm-ridden part of the Atlantic Ocean, a new Shipment is ready to bring back the chaos that only an ultracompact map can provide. If you’re thinking about working around and off the map’s boundaries, which was possible in previous versions, then you might find yourself at sea.”

The Season One Reloaded update is set to launch today (December 14) at 6pm GMT.

The new update will also feature the first Raid for Modern Warfare 2 and will introduce Combat Records to the game, however those new records won’t include your current stats.

In other news, according to a hint from Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon, NetherRealm’s new game could be released in 2023.

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