‘Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’ unveils its own version of Shoothouse map

"If you want to play that crazy game, you can go to the centre and that action will find you”

Infinity Ward has revealed more details of a new map that’s coming to Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 via a TikTok.

According to the clip, the new map is called Farm 18 and was inspired by Modern Warfare‘s Shoothouse map.

Geoff Smith, the director of multiplayer map design on Modern Warfare 2, said the idea came about when the team wanted to introduce “hidden training facilities” to an “industrial cement factory.”


“The idea was, what if we put a Shoothouse-type situation in the middle? If you want to play that crazy game, you can go to the centre and that action will find you. If you want to pull back and play a different way, it’s still available to you,” he explained.

Infinity Ward’s senior environment artist Ashly Thundercliffe then spoke about Farm 18’s foliage and finding the perfect balance. “If we go too dense, we have people hiding in the corners but if we don’t go dense enough, we don’t sell the narrative of the overgrowth.”

He goes on to say “all the departments (are) trying to find the perfect harmony to make sure we’ve got a beautiful, realistic looking space while making sure it’s still fun for the players to enjoy.”

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is set to launch October 28 on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.


Infinity Ward recently confirmed a series of beta tests. As revealed in June, the first beta weekend will be PlayStation exclusive. PlayStation users who have pre-ordered Modern Warfare 2 will be able to get their hands on the game from September 16 to September 17, with the open beta for PlayStation kicking off on September 18 and running until September 20.

The second beta weekend will be open to PlayStation, PC and Xbox and will have cross-play enabled. Early access players will be able to get a head start from September 22 to September 23, while the open beta for all platforms will be between September 24 and September 26.

For anyone who has pre-ordered the game, here is how to use your Modern Warfare 2 beta code.

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