‘Call Of Duty: Vanguard’ devs reveal bios for four operators

Meet four new operators coming to 'Call Of Duty: Vanguard'

Sledgehammer Games has revealed the character biographies for four operators in Call Of Duty: Vanguard.

Along with several brand new cinematic character trailer’s that were shared yesterday (October 25), Sledgehammer also revealed the history behind the operators in a new PlayStation Blog post.

First up is Sergeant Arthur Kingsley, the leader of Task Force One. Kingsley was born in the Douala region of Cameroon before attending the University of Cambridge and enlisted in the British Army. He’s described as a kind, natural-born leader who can speak English, German, French, Portuguese, and Bantu, both the Equatorial and Northern dialects. However, Kingsley fears he will fall into the traditional patterns of the British Army and will over-deliberate in dire situations.


“Arthur harbours a deep resentment: despite understanding the wrongs of the world, he is unable to right them,” Sledgehammer explained. “To that point, he has a strong sense of loyalty to fight against the Nazis to help protect his home and put an end to the dangerous ideas Nazism propagates.”

Next is Lieutenant Polina Petrova, born and raised in Stalingrad, she is not a soldier by choice. “Polina is a woman of few words, but when she speaks, it is with purpose and often leaves a powerful impact,” Sledgehammer said. “She’s content in her own company, only opening up to those she trusts and respects deeply with sharp and educated wit.”

Polina lost her mother a decade before the war and her life was thrown into chaos by the Axis invasion of Operation Barbarossa. Her story is “one of vengeance” and she uses the sharpshooting skills she learned from her family for retribution.

Daniel Take Yatsu is a Japanese-American sniper whose story is “deeply rooted in one of the most shameful chapters of American history: the internment of Japanese citizens in US concentration camps during WWII.”

Daniel’s feelings about the war and his nation are deeply ambivalent, but he still fights to protect his fellow soldiers and for the nation he believes America could still be one day.


Finally, there’s Padmavati Balan, a woman who lost her homeland twice. First to colonialists, and then to fascists. “Padmavati is a fierce soldier adept at jungle warfare, but also a battle-weary nurse who loves to perform poetry and music,” the developer explains. “She dreams of an India whose fate is determined by the will of its own people and is convinced that they will one day prevail.”

Call Of Duty: Vanguard is set to launch on November 5 for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

In other news, two base game Sims 4 updates are in development.

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