‘Call Of Duty: Vanguard’ has “strongest aim assist of all time” says Dr Disrespect

“Aim assist is strong, very dramatic in this game”

Streamer Dr Disrespect has said that Call Of Duty: Vanguard has launched with the “strongest aim assist of all time”, and suggested that players switch over to using controller.

As spotted by Dexerto, Dr Disrespect has traded in his keyboard and mouse for a controller since Call Of Duty: Vanguard launched, and has since shared some strong words for aim assist in the game.

While using aim assist to rack up kills, the streamer said that Call Of Duty: Vanguard may be “the strongest aim assist game of all time”, stressing that it was “definitely” stronger than any other Call Of Duty game.


On the future of controllers in pro play, Dr Disrespect shared his thoughts:

“It might be the case that everyone is swapping to controllers soon. Everyone [in tournaments] but myself, HusKerrs, maybe, are using them already.”

Dr Disrespect
Dr Disrespect. Credit: Dr Disrespect

It also seems like Dr Disrespect has changed his mind on leaving the shooter, after stating that he was already thinking of quitting Call Of Duty: Vanguard. On his change of perspective, he said “I actually had a lot of fun today” and said his experience had been “a complete reverse” from launch day.

“Especially using the controller…100-kill games there,” he added.

Despite being won over by aim assist, Dr Disrespect previously had some harsher words for the feature. In October, the streamer called aim assist “a version of hacks” in Warzone, after being killed by a player using a controller in the battle royale.


In other news, popular quiz game 1 vs 100 is “definitely” making a comeback on Xbox platforms, according to a report published yesterday (November 11). The game is apparently in development by AltSpaceVR, and Xbox head Phil Spencer alluded to a quiz game being in development back in 2020.

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