‘Call Of Duty: Warzone’ has surpassed 100million players

It took just over a year for the game to hit the massive milestone

Call Of Duty’s popular free-to-play battle royale spin-off game, Warzone, has surpassed 100million players.

Publisher Activision Blizzard shared the news via Twitter on Wednesday, April 21. “Thank you all for dropping in. It wouldn’t be Warzone without you,” reads the tweet.  The news comes 13 months after the launch fo the free-to-play battle royale launched in March 2020.


The milestone achievement for Call Of Duty is made all the more impressive when compared to other popular games like Apex Legends have taken over two years to hit the same amount of players.

Call Of Duty: Warzone hit 6million players within its first day of launch, and a whopping 30million players less than two weeks into launch. 50million players had registered by the time a month passed following the game’s launch, and 85million players were accounted for in December last year.

Warzone has been a breath of fresh air for longtime fans of the Call Of Duty franchise, as the title expands storylines from mainline franchise titles such as Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War while still retaining a fun and fresh battle royale approach.

However, like many popular online games, Warzone has been met with its fair share of hackers and cheaters. The game’s developers and publishers have issued multiple waves of permanent bans since April 2020.

To date, close to half a million players have had their accounts permanently banned and deleted for partaking in cheating or the use of illegal hacks. Activision Blizzard has also doubled down on its commitment to ban waves and have assured gamers that more cheaters will be caught.

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