‘Call Of Duty: Warzone’ patch brings back 50v50 Clash mode and more

Mayhem, mystery and balance changes

The latest update for Call of Duty: Warzone – titled Season Five Reloaded – brings back Clash, teases “new, unusual activity” around the mysterious red doors, and plenty more.

Starting this week (September 9), Call of Duty: Warzone players will once again be able to queue up for the chaotic Clash game mode – a 50v50 deathmatch that delivers “the biggest team fights in Warzone” and hands players their custom loadouts right from the get-go. From the patch notes, Clash will be available until the week of September 23.

In terms of map changes, the update warns that “the previously dormant mobile broadcast stations seem to be stirring”. Furthermore, the mysterious red door rooms will be subject to “new, unusual activity” that players can investigate at their own risk.


Two new operators – Hudson: NATO and Judge Dredd – will also be made available as upcoming separate store bundles.

Call Of Duty Warzone
Call Of Duty: Warzone. Credit: Activision

Behind the scenes, there are plenty of bug fixes implemented in this patch. This includes fixing issues where loadout drops were falling through areas of Verdansk and Rebirth Island. Similarly, further “collision issues” have been fixed to stop players that could previously “exploit/peek/shoot through” elements of the map.

In terms of balance changes, Raven Software is targeting Black Ops Cold War weapons, as the studio feels that easier weapons shouldn’t always perform as well as weapons that require more skill. Elaborating, the patch notes state “it is critical to the health of the game that their [BOCW weapons] effectiveness scales appropriately with the skill required to wield them.”

These balance changes include buffs to the DMR 14, Groza and Tactical Rifle Charlie (AUG). On the other hand, a plethora of assault rifles and submachine guns – including the Type 63 and PPSh-41 – have been toned down.


In other news, Nintendo has launched a national esports tournament for children aged 8-11.