‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ players plagued by persistent “pay to win” invisibility problem

Now you see me, now you don't

Players of Activision’s online shooter Call of Duty: Warzone are still being troubled by a series of glitches that render Operators invisible when certain skins are equipped, making them effectively unbeatable.

Problems were first encountered over the New Year break, when it emerged that the “Awoken Francis” skin was turning players completely invisible, bar a floating orange mask. In the game’s first patch of 2022, this issue was supposed to be addressed – but instead, other characters and skins are seemingly getting the invisibility bug (as spotted by CharlieIntel).

Yesterday (January 9), Reddit user ‘andrewkbmx’ posted footage of his Warzone match, showing a partial invisibility effect on one of the Operator Wraith’s skins. As seen in the footage below, the bug isn’t quite as pronounced – the head, neck, and weapon are visible here – but it still gives an unfair advantage to players making use of the invisibility glitch.

Another invisible skin? Happened last night, not sure if it’s just on my end or what. from CODWarzone


Another user said they had encountered the problem, commenting that “The same skin was invisible like this in a match I played. I think it’s a bugged skin as well which not a lot of people know about.”

Making matters worse, both the “Awoken Francis” and the “Wraith” skins can be purchased, leading to accusations of Warzone currently being in a “pay to win” state. The Awoken skin is the Tier 100 reward for those who purchase the game’s current Battle Pass, while from what little is visible, it appears that Wraith is in one of her season three Battle Pass skins. However, as that was only available between April and June 2021, this may limit the number of players who can take advantage of the bug.

At the time of writing, neither Activision nor developer Raven Software has commented on or patched out the current invisibility issues.

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