‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ streamers suspended for hacking after Mara voice actor notifies Twitch

"I hosted a streamer hacking during a tourney… just thought you should know"

A pair of Call of Duty: Warzone streamers have been suspended from Twitch for cheating after the voice actor for Mara noticed their activity.

Alex Zedra, a Warzone streamer and the actor behind Mara, an operator in Warzone, noticed the cheating whilst hosting Sarah “Icy Vixen” and Bearded Banger, a duo of streamers.

Belles received a channel suspension on Twitch yesterday (March 12) after Vedra brought some suspicious activity to the attention of Twitch. In her tweet she said “I hosted a streamer hacking during a tourney… just thought you should know.”


In the clip attached to the tweet IcyVixen can be seen zeroing in on a target through a hill, before they are visible to her, letting her make a shot the instant they are visible

Before the suspension, Belles had been with her partner, BeaderBanger. In another clip shared by Zedra, BeardedBanger claims to have only started streaming 11 days ago, and in that time he has gained 40,000. In the same clip he alleged he was set to become a Twitch partner.

Since the footage had been shared, the Call of Duty community quickly started searching through BeardedBanger’s on demand clips, flagging up a large number of clips that seem to show him using aimbots to shoot opponents through smoke, and the moment the appear from behind cover.

Shortly after BeardedBanger deleted all of his video on demand clips from Twitch, and as of writing his channel has been suspended from Twitch.


Warzone is rumoured to be getting a big change in coming weeks, as the official Call of Duty account tweeted that Zombies were seen exciting the ship that recently crashed into Verdansk, fuelling speculation that the rumoured nuke detonation was coming soon.

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