‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ update includes mystery weather system

The lightning storms have fans wondering what could be next

Players of Call of Duty: Warzone have discovered new weather changes in the latest update, causing mysterious lightning storms to occur.

Although it is not known what these storms are for, fans have suggested that something is afoot. The lightning storms strike Verdansk randomly, and a tweet from Modern Warzone drew some suggestions on the update’s potential for a big reveal.


Some speculated that this was a teaser of full weather systems coming to Warzone Season 2. This user said as much, adding that the addition would “feel alot more immersive”.

Some also thought the lightning was a sign that zombies would come to Warzone, although many were not keen. This reply implored the team to “keep that separate. Please.”

Recently, Raven Software – the developers behind Call of Duty: Warzone – have stepped up their anti-cheat measures. The move saw them banning over 60,000 cheaters in under a week, stating there were “more to come”.


A Reddit user also discovered a way to use a hidden weapon whilst playing Warzone using weapon drops in a Plunder match. The gun is a fully-automatic pistol based on the Makarov, with a 27 round magazine that can be upgraded with an 80 round drum magazine. The Sykov is also eligible for dual-wielding.

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