‘Call Of Duty: Warzone’ will evolve with future franchise entries

“It will evolve and become tied to other games in the ‘Call Of Duty’ universe” 

Infinity Ward design director Geoff Smith has confirmed that Call Of Duty: Warzone will continue to evolve as more entries in the Call Of Duty franchise are released.

Warzone, Call Of Duty’s free-to-play multiplayer battle royale counterpart, had had close ties with Modern Warfare since its launch. However, Smith has explained in an interview with GamesRadar that the game has always been intended to be a self-contained product; one that would eventually grow to reflect the series’ future entries.

“Although Warzone is very closely tied to Modern Warfare, it was designed from the beginning as its own game,” Smith said. “As the game continues to be updated over time, it will evolve and become tied to other games in the Call Of Duty universe.”


“It’s extremely important to us that the game continues to evolve. From the beginning, we’ve strived to continuously bring new and different ways for fans to play and continue having fun in both Modern Warfare and Warzone,” he added.

The confirmation from Smith corroborates previous reports that the game will morph to include new areas – and potentially a new map – that will match with the upcoming installment, reportedly titled Black Ops Cold War.

Besides featuring content from future games, Warzone may also be used to reveal upcoming titles. In a recent earnings call, Activision president Rob Kostich said that “Warzone in particular is not only a great game experience, it’s also a great platform for us to share new franchise news and information directly with our community, like we haven’t done before.”

Season 5 of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone is set to kick off on August 5. The season update is available to pre-load on PS4 now.

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