Cancelled ‘Titanfall’ game was reportedly an ‘Apex Legends’ campaign

The game's protagonist was reportedly going to be Apex Games commissioner Kuben Blisk

Following reports that EA had cancelled an unannounced single-player game set in the shared universe of Titanfall and Apex Legends, it’s now been claimed the title was intended to be a campaign mode for Apex Legends.

Following Bloomberg‘s report on the cancellation of the game codenamed Titanfall Legends, journalist Jeff Grubb shared more information while streaming for GiantBomb (transcribed by VGC).

Grubb clarified that Titanfall Legends was not intended to be Titanfall 3, which he claims developer Respawn could “never do that again after Apex Legends changed the calculus on all of those things.”


Instead, Titanfall Legends would reportedly have been a campaign mode for the battle royale that would have meant it offered “all kinds of different shooter experiences from an expanded Apex Legends [and] Titanfall world.”

Apex Legends
Apex Legends. Credit: Respawn Entertainment

According to Grubb, Titanfall Legends‘ protagonist would have been Kuben Blisk, an Apex Legends character and commissioner of the Apex Games. Other characters from the battle royale would have appeared to grant players “special powers”, and the player would have explored the world alongside Titanfall 2‘s BT.

“[EA] wanted to make the game more active, where you used your abilities more often,” added Grubb. “The strapline I heard was, ‘we want to make John Wick meets Tony Hawk’. They were also super inspired by Doom Eternal, where you’re always aggressive and always getting stuff.”

In Bloomberg‘s original report, it was reported that 50 people were working on the game at the time it was shuttered. Those who cannot be moved to other positions within EA will be made redundant, following a series of lay-offs at companies including Microsoft, Meta, and Unity.

In other gaming news, Velan Studios has announced that Knockout City will be shutting down this summer.

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