Capcom announces ‘Exoprimal’ – a squad-based battle against dinosaurs

It's not Dino Crisis though

Exoprimal is a new dinosaur-themed multiplayer game from Capcom that has just been revealed at PlayStation‘s State of Play event.

The game is a squad-based multiplayer title with its trailer depicting battles against giant dinosaurs in an abandoned modern city. Somewhat understandably, characters are kitted out in exoskeletons so they can stand a chance against the fearsome creatures.


An extensive post on the PlayStation blog offers insight from Capcom’s social media associate manager, Kellen Haney.

It states, “the year is 2043. For reasons unknown, mysterious vortexes have been opening up, unleashing endless swarms of dinosaurs upon the modern world”. Because of that, we see “a vicious fight for survival between the brave Exofighters of the near future, and ferocious creatures from the distant past”. So far, so very post-apocalyptic.

The game is “focused around multiplayer co-op gameplay with each Exosuit having a clearly defined role” so players can mix and match their roles. For instance, the Roadblock Exosuit is built like a tank and has a shield to hold off hundreds of raptors.

Exoprimal. Credit: Capcom.

The post references Capcom’s “pedigree of exhilarating action games”, suggesting that players will “enjoy the feel of being an Exofighter”. Players will also be able to change their Exosuit at any time, adjusting their strategies on the fly.

In addition, the Capcom blog offered some further insight on what else to expect. The game’s main mode – Dino Survival – has players competing against a rival squad to complete dynamic objectives. That may mean “tearing through dinosaurs” or “transporting cargo or protecting a critical point”, so players should experience some variety.


Exoprimal will launch for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S in 2023.

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