Capcom to reveal ‘Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’ expansion details soon

The presentation starts on March 15

Capcom has announced it will reveal new details about the upcoming Monster Hunter Rise expansion, Sunbreak, soon.

The publisher has confirmed that on Tuesday (March 15) it will broadcast a 20-minute presentation that will consist of “programming, including exciting reveals of new monsters, gameplay info, and more.”

Going live on Capcom’s official Twitch channel, the live stream will begin at 14:00 GMT / 7:00 PDT.


Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak was announced last year and is the first paid expansion for the RPG since the game’s launch. When Sunbreak was teased, Capcom revealed a few details pointing towards its theme – with a trailer pointing towards a ruined medieval environment and a new wyvern-type monster.

The original announcement post said that the previous game’s arc “finally put the mysteries of the Thunder and Wind Serpents to rest”, meaning Sunbreak will be a “new, ominous chapter”.

Other than a few minor details, Capcom has yet to confirm the content of Sunbreak, so it’s likely that it will be touching on the story, characters, and monsters during the presentation on March 15.

After Monster Hunter Rise launched in March 2021 for Nintendo Switch, the publisher went on to release the RPG on PC as well. The PC version launched with all post-launch content and DLC (downloadable content) that was available on the Nintendo Switch.


Elsewhere, Capcom recently unveiled Street Fighter 6 after a week-long countdown that kept fans guessing. Following the reveal of the game’s logo – which received some criticism – it’s now been reported that it could be a stock image that cost £47.99. The “SF” logo was compared to a stock image on a logo website that looked similar, except the letter and edges were rounded instead.

In other news, following a new maintenance update, Final Fantasy 14 players on Steam are unable to log into the game.