Cardi B’s ‘Hot Shit’ music video has a ‘Modern Warfare 2’ Easter egg

The Easter egg was then confirmed on Twitter

Cardi B has worked with Activision Blizzard to sneak a Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 reference into her newest music video for ‘Hot Shit’.

The artist released the music video yesterday (July 13), which features both Kanye West and Lil Durk, and one of the artist’s outfits appears to reference a fan-favourite Modern Warfare 2 character (via Charlie Intel).

The 49-second mark in the music video shows what looks like a Simon “Ghost” Riley pendant of some kind, who was a well-liked character from the original 2009 Modern Warfare 2, and who returned for this year’s reboot.


In fact, after the reference was spotted, Cardi B took to Twitter saying “who knows where this from?”

The official Call Of Duty Twitter account also shared a behind-the-scenes making-of process for the pendant as well, which showed off the creation process before it made its way into the music video.

The new Modern Warfare 2 is set to release on October 28, with an upcoming beta test as well. You can find out everything else about the game, like the setup for the new campaign, how it’ll integrate with Warzone 2 and more right here.

Whilst the game’s beta is coming to PlayStation first, the franchise will be coming back to Steam with this entry as well, with the last mainline entry coming to the platform in 2016.


In Cardi B’s ‘Hot Shit’ music video, the artist also scaled a skyscraper in the Lad Kvataniya-directed footage. Lil Dirk performed his verse from a submerged car under a bridge, whilst West’s verse features a masked figure, with it currently unclear if that was West himself.

In other news, Bayonetta 3 will include a Naive Angel Mode to stop the titular character from getting naked and people getting embarrassed in their living rooms.