‘Chicory: A Colourful Tale’ dev reveals thread of hidden details and secrets

"I tried to focus exclusively on small details that most players won't notice."

The developer of paint-based puzzle adventure Chicory: A Colourful Tale has revealed a host of insider secrets in a Twitter thread following its release.

Chicory released on June 10 to high praise, gathering several calls for Game Of The Year and an 89% on Metacritic. Since then, fans have delighted in finding hidden secrets or design elements in the game.

Greg Lobanov, a developer who worked on Chicory’s painting dynamics decided to compile a selection of hidden secrets on Twitter. The thread contained a combination of “design fun facts” and “small details that most players won’t notice”.


Some of the key dynamics revealed in the thread expand upon the use of the paintbrush mechanic in the game. Chicory relies on painting and interacting with landscapes via The Brush to advance, an aspect that challenged the developers.

Several of the facts in the thread are to do with secret interactions, such as the tent ‘decoration’ actually allowing players to enter, and having the unique sound of rainfall when in the Rainforest area.

Another hidden easter egg is the fact that naming your character the same way as one of the other characters in the game will result in them acknowledging this and making reference to it throughout.


Some characters can also be annoyed/exhausted by interactions with the player-character.

The thread also revealed that although the player-character is not gendered, when playing in a ‘gendered’ language they are asked for their pronouns by characters who will adhere to them in dialogue.

The full list of secrets and easter eggs can be found on Twitter. Chicory: A Colourful Tale was released on Switch, PC, PS5, and PS4 on June 10 and is available on Steam.

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