‘Chivalry 2’ update adds Brawl mode, rapiers, and headbutting

'Tis but a scratch.

Torn Banner Studios is releasing a significant update for Chivalry 2 next week. The update includes new modes, weapons, and cosmetics.

Chivalry 2’s next update, called “Fight Knight”, will include several new ways to brutally savage opponents. They were all detailed in an interview with PCGamer. Players will gain access to new modes, maps, and cosmetics.

Brawl is a new mode coming to Chivalry 2 that will see players strike out on their own instead of as a team. This 40 player free for all match will have no standard weapons. To go with the new mode, Torn Banner will also add two new maps specific to the mode. These are The Great Hall and Rudhelm Feast.


“The new Brawl Mode is definitely peak ‘you can’t get mad at this game’ out of all of the various modes available in Chivalry 2,” brand director Alex Hayter told PCGamer. “One minute you’ll be pummeling someone to death with a chair until it breaks into splinters… the next moment, someone kills you from behind with a sausage thrown from across the tavern. Thoughts about weapon balance—seeing as there are no real weapons like swords or bows—and optimizing your K/D ratio kind of go out the door when it’s just a deliberately stupid, silly mess of death.”

Last Team Standing is another new mode coming to Chivalry 2 as part of the Fight Knight update. This mode pits 40 players against each other in a team-based battle with no respawns. Whichever team is standing at the end is declared the winner.

Two new ways to deal damage will also be added. One is a classic medieval weapon, the rapier. The other is the option to headbutt foes. However, the headbutt will not be available unless you have lost both of your arms.

The Fight Knight update will hit Chivalry 2 next week. No specific date is available, but it will launch before Halloween.

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