Choices in ‘Wasteland 3’ will “ripple through long periods of time”

Developers say that “the world is always watching you”

inXile Entertainment has revealed the third episode of its Dev Diary series which delves deep into its upcoming game, Wasteland 3.

The latest episode details the choices players can make in the game, and the consequences that come as a result of it, with senior writer Nathan Long saying, “you reap what you sow”.

Long also added that the game “prides itself on not punishing people for making terrible or questionable moral decisions… like if you want to shoot everybody in the game, we’ll let you do that”. However, he cautioned that players will eventually “see the consequences”, in the form of a grieving parent or a lost child somewhere down the road.


Studio head Brian Fargo noted that decisions made early in the game will “ripple through long periods of time”. He also revealed a “simple device” in Wasteland 3, in which a paperboy will “always sort of [be] yelling out whatever’s going on” in relation to the player.

“The world is always watching you, always reacting at different times,” Fargo added.

Elsewhere, the episode showcased some never-before-seen in-game footage. Watch the latest Dev Diary below.

The previous installment of Dev Diary previewed the customisation options in the game and showcased character duos, pre-made characters that come fully equipped with unique dialogue as an alternative to a traditional protagonist.


Wasteland 3 is set to be released on PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on August 28. The game was delayed by three months due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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