‘Chop Goblins’ is a “bite-sized” FPS from the creator of ‘Dusk’

The shooter is inspired by the 1984 film 'Gremlins'

Dusk creator and New Blood Interactive member David Szymanski has revealed his latest project Chop Goblins – a “bite-sized” FPS designed to be completed in a single sitting.

Szymanski announced his latest game via Twitter, where he explained that Chop Goblins, which is inspired by the film Gremlins, is designed to be completed in a single sitting with a projected playtime of around half an hour.

Chop Goblins is a ‘microshooter’: An FPS designed to be completed in a single sitting, without sacrificing depth, variety, or creativity in its gameplay and level design,” reads the game’s Steam page. “It’s a game you can play for less than an hour, or replay for many hours.”


The game, which is available to wishlist on Steam, is planned to release on January 2, 2023.

There’s no gameplay trailer to go by as yet, but going by the screenshots the game follows the retro-inspired aesthetics of his previous work in Dusk, and arms players with some old-timey weapons such as a flintlock pistol

The game sees the player chasing the titular Goblins through time, fighting them in ancient Greece, 19th century Transylvania or the “not too distant future.”

Designed to distract players from “work, boredom, or grinding in other games,” Chop Goblins promises a short but densely-packed campaign, described as “all thriller and no filler,” offering five unique weapons across five levels. The game is also designed to encourage replayability, offering leaderboards, secrets and achievements.

According to Szymanski, the original intention was to launch the game as a surprise release next year. However, given the uncertainty surrounding Twitter’s future following its acquisition by Elon Musk, he felt it “prudent to just get the announcement out there.”


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