‘Chrono Trigger’ update adds new features on PC and mobile

Trigger happy

A new update for the PC and mobile version of Chrono Trigger has added a variety of new features to the classic JRPG.

Square Enix released a short Japanese only trailer today (March 9) showing off some new features that are coming to Chrono Trigger later this week on March 11, as detailed by Gematsu. The game will now support full-screen display support up to a 21:9 aspect ratio. There is also improved operability, an auto-battle speed boost (x1.5), and there are now a maximum of 20 save slots.

As well as this, an extras section has been added to the mobile version of Chrono Trigger. This new section will let players view movies, illustrations, and listen to music from the game.


Why Square Enix has decided to update Chrono Trigger at this time is unclear. The game was released on Windows via Steam in 2018, and received various updates throughout the release year. And in the same year, the mobile version was updated to incorporate some of the features present in the Windows version, such as the reintroduction of animated cutscenes that were missing from the initial mobile release.

The Chrono Trigger update comes roughly a month before the release of Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition. This new remaster of the cult classic JRPG will be launching on April 7, and will be the first time the game has been released in Europe. It has new HD 3D models, new character artwork and redesigns, and refined background music. As well as this, the game will include Radical Dreamers, a text adventure that was previously exclusive to Japan.

In other news, Square Enix has launched a Final Fantasy 35th anniversary website, which teases that some new information will be coming for upcoming titles.

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